Inclusion Code

Inclusion Code screen shot.

Inclusion Code is an educational tool to support the learning of HTML and Markdown. The program's interface is a simple one with menu bars, which uses standard Windows controls, making it accessible to screen reader programs and braille displays used by blind people.

Inclusion Code facilitate learning and creation of HTML contents and Markdown documents by automating the creation of tags. The user selects the desired element from the Insert Menu and the program will generate the corresponding codes and copy them into the editor. So you can create HTML and Markdown content in a very short time.

Program Features

HTML editor mode

  • The program can generate basic HTML tags automatically when selected from the Insert menu.
  • Preview the HTML code in the computer default web browser without exiting the program.
  • From the insert menu an image can be selected using the browse option in Windows Explorer from the Image folder within the Inclusion Code directory. The program will present an edit box to write the text description of the image and it will automatically generate the corresponding HTML codes and copying them to the editor.
  • From the insert menu multimedia files like videos or audio can be selected from the browse option using Windows explorer. The program will generate automatically the corresponding HTML codes of an accessible media player.

Markdown editor mode

  • The program allows you to export Markdown codes from the editor as a Word document (.docx).
  • The program allows exporting the Markdown codes from the editor as a simple Power Point presentation (.pptx). There is a Power Point template available from the Insert Menu.
  • The program can generate Markdown codes automatically for the element selected from the Insert Menu, copying them into the editor.
  • You can preview the Markdown document in the web browser from within the program.

Both HTML and Markdown modes

  • Reading aloud the Markdown text in the editor as well as the menus selections and program messages. The user can select any of the SAPI5 voices available in Windows.
  • Sound effects for various program events.
  • Select the font type and size to use in the editor.
  • Select high contrast colors for background and editor texts.
  • All menu options can be used by keyboard commands.
  • Menus of the program available in English or Spanish.

Recommended uses

We recommend using Inclusion Code for:

  • To learn basic HTML and Markdown codes.
  • To create quick HTML and Markdown content and copy them and paste into platforms such as Wordpress, among other web publishing tools.
  • To create Markdown codes that integrate headers, lists, links and export them as a Word document or Power Point presentation from the same program.
  • To create simple and accessible HTML web pages.