Inclusion Code

Inclusion Code screen shot.

Inclusion Code is a simple HTML editor for Windows that facilitates the coding process by automating the creation of basic tags. The user selects the desired element from the menu, the program will generate the corresponding codes and integrate them into the editor. So you can create HTML content in a very short time.

Inclusion Code is an educational tool that facilitates learning web programming. Due to its simple and accessible design, the software is easy to use for learn and code basic HTML tags. When you know HTML, which is the basis of websites, you can create very robust and efficient Internet pages. Although today there are many tools that allow you to create websites without knowing HTML programming, these codes are not clean. Web browsers understand HTML, CSS and Javascript. So in the end, any other tool will transform the code into HTML internally.

The Inclusion Code interface is a simple one with menu bars, which uses standard Windows controls, making it accessible to screen reader programs and braille displays used by blind persons.

Program Features

  • The program can generate basic HTML tags automatically when selected from the Insert menu.
  • Preview the HTML code in the computer default web browser without exiting the program.
  • Sound effects and text to speech options.
  • All program options can be used by keyboard.
  • Program menus available in English or Spanish.

Recommended uses

We recommend using Inclusion Code for:

  • To learn basic HTML code.
  • To create quick HTML content and copy them and paste them into platforms such as Wordpress.
  • To create simple HTML pages to be used locally in Windows.
  • To demostrate accessible HTML coding to webmasters and web programmers.