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Inclusion Code HTML for Windows.
The file to download is in zip format. Once the software is downloaded, unzip it and automatically, a folder with the name of Inclusion Code HTML will be created.
Inclusion Code does not required to be installed. To use the software, simply run the inclusioncodehtml.exe file from the Inclusion Code HTML folder.
Inclusion Code is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.

Important note about the behavior of the Inclusion Code editor

Inclusion Code, is not designed to be your main HTML editor to create web pages. The software is a simple editor to facilitate the learning of HTML code. It is designed as a learning tool to be used in Windows. The main editor of the software, has the following behavior:

  1. In the editor, when you want to write a new line, which would usually be done by pressing the Enter key, in Inclusion Code, you must press the Enter and Contror keys at the same time. If only the Enter key is pressed, the focus of the cursor will stay in the same position, that is, it will not go to a new line
  2. All files saved in Inclusion Code, have an ANSI encoding. This is because the tool is used in Windows. If you want to publish your page on the Internet, you must change the encoding to UTF-8.

Therefore, we recommend the use of Inclusion Code as an accesible IDE for learning tool or to create pages that will be used locally in Windows. Once you have mastered the basic HTML skills, we recommend using another, more advanced editor alternative, to publish your pages on the Internet.

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Download Inclusion Code version 1.0.